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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Basic Math for SciFi geeks

Kill the Queen
An Alien queen can lay 2.5 eggs per minute. You have 13 soldiers in your platoon. On average, a soldier will kill 4.2 face huggers before one lands on his face. How much time do you have to get to the egg room and destroy the eggs before your entire platoon is impregnated?

Death Star
You are in an X-wing fighter going full speed. You must release your photon-torpedo and hit an exaust port that is only 2 meters wide while dodging TIE fighers. At what distance from the port must you release your photon torpedo?

Lets say that there is a box car that is 60 feet long. One third of it is across the switch. Okay? And now another train is coming. How far do you have to move the box car off the track so that the other train doesn’t smash it? Quickly, there are thousands of lives at stake.

Which of the following is a replicant?
A. A man who dreams of unicorns.
B. A girl who can play the piano without ever having a lesson.
C. A man who makes origami unicorns.


Kill the Queen
If each soldier kills 4.2 face huggers before getting an Alien Facial and you have 13 soldiers then simply multiply 4.2 X 13 = 54.6. But this isn’t the final answer because you must have one soldier to survive to take on the Alien Queen. So there can be no more than 53 eggs in that room when your soldiers arrive. That being the case you have 53 eggs divided by 2.5 eggs/minute which is 21.2 minutes to get to the egg room.

Death Star
It’s a trick question. It can’t be done without using The Force

20 feet. Unless you want to see a crash then don’t move the boxcar at all.

Both A and B. Reason: Person C knows that person A dreams of unicorns. How? Because person C knows that A is a replicant and all replicants of that type dream of unicorns. Obviously a person who can play the piano without ever having lessons is a replicant because her memories come from another person.

Credit http://offtopic.polygeek.com


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