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Friday, May 8, 2009

Time to fly

Dear blog,

1. First, how shall i say...I have chance to travel to Africa again...not only me, but all of us..

2. The flight takeoff from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore ,Singapore to Johanesburg, and there are 5 hours transit in the Joburg, then we have next flight to Blantyre. Almost complete 24hours journey...

3. Like I said, I won't be alone, I has Balqis and Ummi with me. Really happy with that.

4. It was 14 degrees cold in the southern hemisphere now, and sometimes it will decreased to 8 degrees, and i'm thinking much about my the only daughter, Balqis... she just recovered from sick.

5. Alhamdullillah, the doctor said the bacteria infection had slowly gone. Only God knows my feeling at that moments..,we'll fly together. yeah!

6. It's Balqis first birthday incoming.

Bye Malaysia.

P/s: Kami bertiga sudah pun selamat sampai di Malawi... Alhamdulillah semua selamat


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